Because you have a world-wide audience, One Voice Medical Interpreters has a spectrum of Professionally trained and certified Medical interpreters and translators to fulfill all of your communication needs. 

One Voice Medical Interpreters has more than 13 years of experience in the medical/healthcare field. We count only with the best Medical interpreters. 

In-Person Appointments, on site interpretation, face-to-face in any language and any specialization: cancer treatment, Heart disease, women's health, chronic diseases, etc

Telephone Interpretations, reach your patients, no matter where in the globe they are! Call +1 (720) 663-8642 for a free quote.

Video conferences, OVL’S interpreters are just a click away to provide video interpretation services in over 80+ languages plus American Sign Language. Call us to find out how we can serve you via video interpretation.

Translations and Transcriptions, communicate in a way that makes sense to both ends (e.g., Forms, Written Statements, Instructions for use, User's manuals, Service manuals, Clinical trials, Regulatory documents, marketing materials, etc).We offer Certified and Technical Translations. 

What sets us apart from other interpreting and translating companies?

  • Legendary customer service and direct contact with representatives (We are available 24/7/365)
  • High quality and Professional Interpreters with their accreditation in the needed field. 
  • Competitive prices. We charge up to 20% less than other companies in the U.S. 

We provide quick quotes on any document translation project or transcription. Our qualified translators will provide accurate translations in 80+ languages with quick turnaround times. 

We can transcribe files from multiple sources.

+1 (720) 663-8642

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We offer the best medical interpretation services
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