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November bids Adieu to Diabetes! Featured

Written by  Friday, 04 November 2016 16:53
November bids Adieu to Diabetes November bids Adieu to Diabetes

Diabetes has been eating into lives for years and it is bound to increase in the coming years. It is time we make an effort to control diabetes not only for us, but many people who are being imprisoned within its problems.

With this view, volunteers have come forward to keep diabetes at bay at least once in a year. That is what American Diabetes Month is focusing on. The month of November will help people from all corners of America come together, to keep diabetes under control.

Schedule your Diabetic Free Month!

Whether you or your loved one are prone to Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, it is this one month where all health care professionals , care givers, families of diabetic patients and diabetic patients of all ages meet at various places.

They conduct discussion forums, talk shows, and have consultations with different doctors around the area.

It is also a great venue to discuss experiences, food diets, money management, stress management and one month that is completely dedicated to curing diabetes will certainly help bond families. This is due to the fact that it is type of fellowship meeting where not only patients come together, but also their loved ones.

So each one of you present at such theme centered meetings will be able to relate to the pain, sacrifice and suffering that diabetes is associated with. It is a time to bring all Americans to a common place with a social cause- which to help our world face and prevent Diabetes in a better manner.

Why you need to be part of it?

Diabetes is not something that can be left aside. Sometimes individuals do not even know that they are diabetic patients. This is mainly because:

They do not take care of your body due to other personal worries and tensions; or could be that they thought it is quite to have such discomforts.

Second is that more than 60% of the population are not aware of diabetes is, how it is caused, and what are its symptoms. So in such cases, they may not pay attention to the disease that keeps taking over their mind and body.

What happens during Blue November?

First you know more about the main problem at hand- Diabetes.

Second you meet people who are involved with the medical industry.

Third it is a golden chance to meet people on the same platform of this suffering. You get to share what it is like to be a diabetic patient.

A few benefits that often go unnoticed are:

1. It helps build a community and therefore patients and their families never aloof from the society and this in turn serves as an emotional boost for many ill people.

2. Since the whole month is meant to understand the disease better- it is an opportunity to meet renowned people to ask more about the other related health issues that could arise from diabetes. Hence you get to hear more on vision loss, heart attack, liver and kidney problems.

3. People are made aware what sort of lifestyles, and food diets can induce the body into a diabetic zone. So, you get a chance to meet with food experts, dieticians who will teach what food is best to resolve the situation.

4. Pictorial classes and various demonstration sessions can be experienced to give patients and even curious people and youngsters what diabetes is all about.

5. A very small percentage of children suffer from childhood diabetes and it is definitely something that parents can take care of if proper guidance and advice is given and this month is the best place to get educated.

6. We all know how overwhelming diabetes can be; but truly seeing a large number of people who are travelling in your same boat – does give you a peace of mind; that you are not alone. Yes, no patient has ever been alone once the Diabetic Month idea was created.


Trust us, a service minded group of medical experts, care givers, volunteers and your families are out there to bring the health back into your system.

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