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White for your Lungs: Be Aware & Stay Safe Featured

Written by  Friday, 04 November 2016 16:41
White for your Lungs: Be Aware & Stay Safe White for your Lungs: Be Aware & Stay Safe

Our lungs are precious and with more lung cancer cases around America, many people felt it was time to spread awareness programs around the public.  The awareness event kicked off about 20 years back and from then on, people have worked towards helping the society and especially youngsters know more about what lunch cancer is all about.

November: Lung Awareness Month

More than 30 percent of the cancer cases happen to be associated with lung cancer and so far it continues to be the prime cause of death – whether men or women.  Each year the most cases of lung cancer are reported when compared to breast or colon or prostrate in America.

During the month of November you get to:

See people who are suffering from lung cancer

Learn about their experiences and the different treatments they have undergone

Classes will be conducted on good lifestyles and better food diets

Self help and motivational programs will be arranged to give a will power to survive through this ordeal with courage

The awareness program is not only meant for patients but for their families, relatives, loved ones, friends, neighbors and whoever is closely involved with the patients.

It is a gathering that combines knowledge, experience, spiritual and human bonding and also inculcating changed and better methods of living.

A change is encouraged as the causes, symptoms and; also after effects of the disease and other bad habits like excessive smoking are explained in detail to people. Hence people are given a brief idea of the reasons behind a disease and how they can stop it from catching them, if careful.

How can you help people during the Lung Awareness Month?

1. Throw light: These are free events. So, anyone can join and take part in it. Spread the word to all who you know. They do not necessarily have to be sick, but it is a good chance to educate people on lung cancer. So, do your part in the best way possible.

2. Explain the Disease: It is your chance to speak out and let the world know whatever you are aware about lung cancer. For this, you can even coordinate with cancer specialists, invite them over, hold video chats and present it during this one month. Talk and encourage people to talk so that the stigma behind lung cancer breaks its chains.

3. Volunteer:  You have one whole month- the month of November to do good deeds. Yes, please volunteer, and make yourself available to all those who need support, guidance, help and care. Take the initiative to arrange such free meetings and events and ensure that it becomes success. For this you can do some campaigning as required, go for fund raising activities, encourage youngsters t take part, go to schools, and homes, and public places and tell people to be a part of the awareness event.

4. Training Programs: This is a great way you can help. It is not necessary that you have to be medically inclined or experienced, but  if you do the research, collect data, help collect funds, then you will get results. Invite medical experts, heath care professionals, cancer scientists, caregivers, dieticians, spiritual people, and all who you can think can speak, and share vital information to people in your locality.

5. White: If you are a true Lung Cancer Volunteer, dress to make people alert. Yes, pin up the white ribbon and campaign so that people understands that you mean serious business and is out to help people. White Ribbon stands for Lung Cancer Awareness Month and so pass on the message of good and safe living through your walks, talks, campaigns and gestures.

The truth behind most of the diseases in this world, is ignorance. We need to wipe out such ignorance through such humble initiatives. Hold hands and help people who may want that special care from you.

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