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Stop young adult cancer with Stupid Cancer!

Written by  Thursday, 15 October 2015 06:07


The rate at which young adult cancer is increasing is alarming and for that, the modern young people need to be informed and cured as early as possible. This is when Stupid Cancer was formed to outreach people who are touched by cancer. It is an organization that never wanted young people suffering from cancer to be left alone in society and this includes a huge group who is out there to inform, share experiences and care for each other in every way possible.


Who are they?


It is a nonprofit organization and the largest charity which focuses on research, awareness and advocacy about young adult cancer. They have developed quite a large number of programs that can propel this cancer movement in the right and positive spirit.

They believe in making the world better for young cancer patients improve their life and make them feel that they do not have to suffer everything alone. Their mission includes a far sighted goal to build a community that can understand and share emotions between all young cancer patients around the world.



What services do they offer?

There are a couple of programs and services initiated by them and all shout the same goal: Support young adult cancer. None of these are individually hosted but all are performed and organized on a world wise basis. 


Some of the global services they work on are:

The Stupid Cancer Show

A great radio podcast show ever since 2007 that has given an identity to young cancer patients and makes people aware of the disease and how to cure and overcome it.



It is an anonymous messaging and mobile matching platform that builds relationships and creates the quality of life among caregivers, young adult cancer patients and also cancer survivors.



This is an oncology conference organized through a social networking event to support the young adult cancer movement.


Stupid Cancer Boot Camps

These are one day camps or workshops that support cancer and build communities to help patients and their loved ones face cancer as one community.


The Stupid Cancer News Feed

A service that is published through the Pinterest platform and it is live. It contains all stories, events, videos, and many related useful medical information that is vital for young adult cancer patients.


Why are they different?

Mostly people think that cancer can touch the old aged lot only. That’s not true. Nowadays, there are about 72000 cancer patients between the ages of 15- 39 and quite often this group seems to be ignored.


They are different because:

  • They feel every cancer patient has the right to live.
  • A young adult cancer patient should be given the courage to stay busy and happy to survive through the strenuous cancer journey and that is why Stupid Cancer is there to hold hands with them.
  • Every cancer patient should be made aware of the support possibilities and sources that can make life easier.
  • This is a group that includes all caregivers, cancer patients, support groups, and even cancer survivors. So, their information is genuine and one that account experience.



You can get to read all experiences and share a lot of information with people around the world and be a part of this humble cancer community. These are real life experiences and advice from reputed doctors, organizations, survivors and cancer patients from all over the world. 

Many times people feel shy about having to discuss such issues and especially when you are young, the situation is all the more difficult. That is why the Stupid Cancer Community felt the need of companionship, security and love is most needed when a person is ill and weak in mind and body. People need to talk with those who understand their pain, anguish and can comfort them with proper sources of information.

Check out what they have got to say here:

Contact information

Their website:









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