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Thinking what I have to say about your little one’s health?  It is not a simple protection topic that I would like to shed light upon, but something much more important than that. I would like to discuss more on prenatal infections that seem to creep into babies at an alarming rate in UK and USA nowadays.

Feb 22- International Prenatal Prevention Month

Every February the medical world takes an effort to celebrate the International Prenatal Prevention Month, but very few people actually know about it or rather benefit from its services. The reason being- no proper spread of information.

So, what exactly does the Prenatal Prevention Mission plan to propagate?

The main highlight of the topic is prenatal infections. This is most life threatening dangers that seems to eat into lives of babies below three months old.  Some of the common infections that affect them are: Group B Strep and Meningitis. During the month of February, more awareness programs are conducted all over various states in USA and UK, to make young mothers and expectant mothers aware of the dangers that infections can cause on their young ones.

Many a time, it is lack of education that causes a problem, so if we can all spare at least one month towards enabling the birth of healthy babies, wouldn’t that be an exemplary service to society?

More on Prenatal Infections

These are infections that trigger in a baby because any sort of virus or bacteria travels from the mother to her child at the time of the pregnancy period or maybe even during the time of delivery. This virus could develop at any phase – sometimes in the womb, in the initial stages of pregnancy or in some cases immediately when the baby is born.

Next Question – How to Support the International Prenatal Prevention Month?

There is a lot we can do in a short span of time. Just one thought is needed- the mind to bring as many as many babies to the safe zone of existence. You certainly do not need to alert and make aware the whole world. Start small and talk to women and families in your locality. That is where we can start for now.

  •               Do you know enough?

We never can convince and talk to anyone, unless we understand what we are supposed to deal with. So, study clearly- (though not in detail) about what are the diseases that can affect a baby, the mother, its symptoms and what are the basic ways of saving a child at the beginning stages.

For this, you can talk to medical practitioners and read a lot of materials that explain what prenatal infections really mean and include.


  •                 Talk, Talk, Talk

Yes, for a start, we really need to communicate and interact with people around us and see who might need our help. The fact is that in many areas there may be people who may not have even realized that the baby is suffering from a disease. There are possibilities of assuming their baby is ill and no serious attention may be given for the same.

So, enquire how many babies have been born in your locality, how many expectant mothers are there and also are there any families who have women and kids with serious or unexplainable illnesses. Data collection is crucial for you to get an idea and get optimum results for your work.

  •                 Support Babies

Build a community next. Encourage your family or your friends or colleagues to support your cause. Encourage families to take part in these programs. Organize talk shows, discussion forums and social gatherings for patients, and doctors, nutritionists, nurses to join in and help make the event a success.

It is through such gatherings many a times, people get to exchange views and also dump their misconceptions, so if you happened to shed light and change their life- you will be the reason for a smile in many families.





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Our heart is something we cannot do away with. It needs all the attention and care, we can give.  During the month of February, we dedicate one whole month just for our little hearts. But this is for special hearts- who need a bit more touch of love. These are for dear fellow people who suffer from Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). In short, I would like to discuss what Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week is all about.

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

This is a highly focused awareness program from February 7th – February 14th and aims to give attention to maintaining healthy hearts all year round.  During this special week, a lot of awareness classes and support events are organized to motivate, boost and enlighten families, adults and children who suffer from any type of heart defects.  You too can be a part of this event, organize it in your neighborhood and ensure that it brings hope and inspiration for at least few families.

What can we do?

To do something, we need to know what we are yet to deal with. Congenital heart disease is something that develops at birth time itself.  Young babies are born with problems in the heart like hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), and these in reality cannot be prevented.

Nobody knows the real reason behind what causes the defect in the heart, but surely we can help them to live with such defects in a more positive manner. Every year, studies have found that more than 40,000 children are trapped under the agony of Congenital Heart Defects and this hinders any form of improvement in their lives.

We can let the world know about the people who are suffering with this disease and may in future help many researchers think of ways and means to prevent such medical issues. 


How do we shine light on this defect?

  • Spread the word

Awareness is a big criterion that has to be met before taking action for this awareness week. We need to collect data on the number of people and especially kids who suffer from congenital heart disease. We can begin from nearby localities and move as far as possible. Since it is difficult doing so alone; try to organize a gang that supports your same vision.

  •             Bring together people

    No awareness program is a success if there is not exchange of valuable information, discussion, enquiries and body checks. So, make sure that you inform your idea or dream to ordinary people who may not even have heard of the disease. Along with that bring together, all experts and practitioners from the medical field.

  •              Discuss

    The good part about this point is that; the sick people never feel that they are alone. Now since this is a growing and incurable problem in the human body; people sink into depression. We as small teams can spread our wings, and encourage the needy people to come out with inner fears, doubts and any misconceptions can be cleared in such a platform.

    Remember that patients are not just discussing among themselves, but health checkups, talks, and personal one to one discussions will be done with medical practitioners, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, social workers and medical researchers who may have a capability to shed some light on new medicines that may hit the market soon.

  •             Funding

    Last, nothing works without money. So, as you go along campaigning, do ask anyone who would love to lead a financial had for the idea behind this group. It is for us to show confidence that our mission can work if everyone can contribute. Make sure that funds can be arranged n the best way possible, so that all the necessary equipments, materials and other miscellaneous requirements of awareness are fulfilled positively. 

Spreading Awareness

Getting the message out about CHDs is important to improve diagnosis and treatment options as well as build the CHD community and support systems.


Our aims:

To educate and raise awareness of Congenital Heart Defects.

To support and help adults, young people, children and their familiesALL over the UK.

Help with ongoing research on or into Congenital Heart Defects.

Promote/Campaign for the need for testing prior to birth with the use of  (Echocardiograms) and on newborns (neonatal).

To get the media more interested in what it means to be born with a CHD and what the future is like for first generation of survivors.

To get the media to inform the general public correctly about CHDs.

To educate the public the differences between congenital heart defects and coronary heart disease.


Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week: February 7-14

As part of American Heart Month, an occasion to pay special attention to keeping your heart healthy, Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week is February 7-14, 2015. CHD Awareness Week is a special week dedicated to raising awareness and support for children born with heart defects. It’s also a special time to celebrate our little heart inspirations. Here at the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, we will be tweeting every day to help spread awareness and to keep the CHD conversation flowing. Make sure you follow us @MayoClinicHLHS.

What are CHDs? HLHS-heart-not-labelled3

CHDs, or problems of the heart structure, are the most common birth defect. Each year, approximately 40,000 children are born with CHDs and almost 960 of those are born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). Some CHDs do not require treatment, while others may require surgery to ensure the heart is working properly. Most causes of CHDs are currently unknown; so prevention may not be an option.

Spreading Awareness

Getting the message out about CHDs is important to improve diagnosis and treatment options as well as build the CHD community and support systems.


Jason and Susan Smith, guest speakers at our 2014 Feel the Beat event, have been working hard to spread awareness of CHDs after their daughter, Emerson Rose, passed away from HLHS. They even brought the issue to the State House in their home state of South Carolina where the Emerson Rose Act was passed, requiring South Carolina newborns to be screened for CHDs before leaving the hospital. The law became effective in September 2013. Are you curious to see whether or not your state screens for CHDs? Here’s a map to find out.


We always love hearing about new ways people are spreading CHD awareness. If you have a story to share, contact us or send us a message on Twitter.

Heart Heroes is proud to recognize CHD Awareness Month 2016!

It’s February again and this is OUR MONTH!  It’s our time to grab the microphone and tell the world about CHD, the most common birth defect worldwide.  What are we doing this month?  Check out what Heart Heroes is doing to educate and raise awareness this month, honor our Heart Heroes and Heart Angels, and also what YOU can do to help support our mission of CHD awareness!



Our Heart Heroes have incredible bravery that sustains them through life-saving surgeries, pokes, prods, hospital stays, and more.  We empower these kids with a superhero cape to help display the courage and strength that gets them through their medical ordeals.  We are on a mission to show their courage with every beat of their hearts. 

This February, we are highlighting the more than 40 kinds of CHD to educate the public on the most common birth defect around the world.  Please join us as we feature a Daily Heart Hero and help educate yourself and others on HOW Congenital Heart Defects affect the heart.



Did you know that you can help spread #CHDawareness during the month of February in your local community by getting your government involved?  Proclaim the Nation for CHD awareness and go to your local or state government to declare Feb. 7-14 CHD Awareness Week.


Help us get February 7-14 nationally recognized as CHD Awareness Week! Please take a moment to sign this petition to nationally recognize February 7-14 as CHD Awareness Week in the United States.


We the People… Your Voice in Our Government – well, let’s make 2016 the year our voices are HEARD!


We need 100,000 signatures by Feb. 11, 2016 in order to get an official response from the White House- Let’s PROCLAIM THE NATION for CHD AWARENESS! Sign – share – spread the word!!

Click here to SIGN and PROCLAIM the NATION for CHD!!

For sample proclamations, as well as customizable letters you can use to send to your mayor or governor’s office, and information on how to submit a proclamation, please visit our Proclaim the Nation page.

We will be listing all the proclamations that were submitted on our website and social media.  If you haven’t told us about your proclamation, please post it to our Facebook page or email us to let us know your city, county, or state is going to #ProclaimTheNation this year!


Heart Month Awareness and Fundraising Challenge ~


Fundraising is an important part of our CHD Awareness Month Campaign.  Without the generous donations and fundraising efforts on behalf of our heart families, Heart Heroes wouldn’t be able to sustain its cape program, offer free family support events, or help fund life-saving research for CHD.

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February is a month dedicated to our hearts. Are you ready to keep you and your family’s heart safe? This was definitely not an idea that started overnight, but began its humble footsteps way back in 1964.  That was a time when many heart related diseases and deaths rose at alarming levels.

What does research reveal?

During a recent research, it was found that cardiovascular disease seems to be overpowering the normal lives of men and women in USA.  At the same time, with due attention, knowledge and care, we really can brush aside this slow terror that seeps into our life.

Almost one in three women suffers and loses their lives every year. The sad part is that almost 80% of the cases could have been brought to safety if they received a bit of education. By education, I clearly mean making them aware that they can be saved.

  •           In the past years, about 2.6 million women of various ages were prone to a heart attack.
  •           At present more than 43 million women suffer from any form of heart disease
  •            Out of these, African American women seem to catch with the disease the most, followed by Mexican American women.
  • Studies show that this could be due to obesity, intake of high fat content food and also less physical activity when they have a leisure time.

So, here I strive to shine a bit light on how we all can support and relieve millions of people out there who are struggling to keep their hearts safe from diseases. Won’t you join me?

The Big Day- February 5th

On February 5th, you can and in fact should be a part of a movement that particularly focuses on fighting the terror called heart disease.  So gear up and learn what your role can be in this heartwarming movement.


How can you make everyone aware?

  • First, the simple trick is to educate your very own self.
  • Second, share the knowledge with others who may be in need
  •  Third, build a community that shares and supports all who have fears and misconceptions about the disease.


Support Red

If you do believe you can play a role in making lives of people better, you must support red. A few things you actually can do and in fact if done enthusiastically; it paves a path for us to follow your track.

Self Awareness

This would include facts that hold the backbone of the issue. You need to understand the cause of heart diseases, and the options available for treatment. And also how we can create a culture that makes people mentally aware of how crucial it is improve one’s health.

Reach out

The most important purpose behind your work is to rescue at least thousands of people who live around you. For that, you need to speak to them and encourage them to meet at a common place, discuss, and share experiences and opinions. This builds a great and wonderful feeling of hope and happiness in the minds of the sick- that they are not alone. This is a motivational booster beyond recognition.

Communities build up

A lot of results can be noticed if you have a community to support your cause. So, try to talk to educated senior professors regarding good health. Plus get in touch with doctors, medical practitioners and any other people who are connected with the world of medicine and good living.

Allow them to give talks, give practical classes about what is heart disease. Next, you need to bring in food nutritionists who can make people more knowledgeable on how to change their diet. Conduct classes where more cost effective organic and healthy food can be prepared by the people.


This leads to less sick people and more of a happy world to live in.